About us


RFSL was founded in 1950 and is thereby one of the world’s oldest organisations of its kind. RFSL has 7000 members and 38 branches all over Sweden. In the beginning RFSL’s name was the National Organization for Sexual Equality, but since 2014 the name is the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights.

What does RFSL do?

RFSL’s goal is that LGBTQ people should have the same rights, opportunities and obligations as everybody else. The work for this is done through political advocacy, information work and social and supportive work. It can be about anything from courting politicians and authorities and offer trainings to organizing parties and other social activities. Much of the political work is done at the National Office, but the work with individual support is most often done at branch level.

RFSL Piteå älvdal

RFSL Älvdal mainly works in Norrbotten. The branch was founded in 1991 under the name RFSL Piteå, which in 2003 was changed to RFSL-Piteå Älvdal & norra Västerbotten and was changed back to RFSL Piteå älvdal when Skellefteå got their own local branch in January 2014. Our office and club premises Polstjärnan are at Prästgårdsgatan 23 in Piteå, but we work in a total of four municipalities in Norrbotten.

What does RFSL Piteå älvdal do?

  • RFSL Piteå älvdal’s goal is that LGBTQ people should have the same rights, opportunities and obligations as everybody else in society.
  • We also try to work for bettering the personal and social situation of LGBTQ people.
  • We provide accurate information around sex and other issues that have to do with LGBTQ.
  • We cooperate with the different local RFSL branches and RFSL’s National Office.


We have various activities to offer, like for example:

  • Parties and café nights for members
  • School information
  • Safer sex education
  • Contact with politicians, courting of authorities and municipalities
  • Organizing conferences
  • Cooperation with RFSL Skellefteå in Snow Pride

It’s the board that handles the current work, but all members are welcome to participate in the work, suggest activities and help organize different events.

We have an annual meeting in February where a new board is elected. The statutes state that the branch’s ambition should be a gender equal board.


RFSL Piteå