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Of course you should become a member of RFSL Piteå älvdal

RFSL Piteå älvdal’s office is located at Polstjärnan’s premises in central Piteå.

We want you as a member!

It is RFSL’s National Office that handles the memberships and you contact them if you any questions about the fee or something else. For questions about activities, discounts, parties etc. you contact as usual.

If you are a member can you chose to extend your membership on the membership page. In that way you get to keep your user name and pages that you have in connection with this user name.

Click here to become a member NOW!

Why should you become a member?

¤ As a member of RFSL Piteå älvdal you support our work for LGBTQ people’s rights.

¤ We are a branch for LGBTQ people. If you are a heterosexual you can become a member to show your support for our work.

¤ We organize activities for our members.

¤ As a member you get our newsletter and the opportunity to go to our parties.

¤ You can participate in activities at Polstjärnan i Piteå.

¤ You get different discounts when you show your membership card.

Membership fees:

Year: 50 SEK until 31/12 2016. After that 100 kr/year.

Do you have questions about the membership card or membership fees? Contact

Are you under 27? Become a member of RFSL Ungdom!

The membership fee is 50 SEK for people up to 26, and 100 SEK for people between 27-30. Register your membership with RFSL Ungdom here. Then you will become a member of RFSL Piteå älvdal at no cost, if you wish.

If you have any questions, just e-mail: